"Hiring Brian to organize my garage was one of the best gifts I could've given myself."

- Joshua

"I have worked with Brian for a year and a half and I have never known anybody with such a stellar work ethic. He is more than efficient. I teasingly call him the bionic organizer."

- Diane

"I cannot thank you enough for your work. I feel free!"

- Abby

"Just hire Brian. So many parts of your life will thank you."

- Eddy

"Brian Saeger rocked my garage in 3 hours flat. His wisdom is still in our house as we clean and clear even more cluttered spaces we've been avoiding."

- Roger

"My closet is spacious, functional, and I feel a sense of delight every time I walk in. Brian's help was truly a feat of organizational genius!"

- Amanda

"Brian accommodated us on hardly any notice, trucked around to 4 locations to do pickups, and then was willing to truck down to Jennifer's apartment during rush hour to accommodate her schedule, and he was SO kind to her."

- Susan

"If you need an organizer who is compassionate, competent, fast, and focused, Brian is your go-to guy!"


"Brian was easy-going, fun to work with, and wonderfully efficient. I am thrilled, my husband is thrilled, and I'll be working with Brian again in the near future!"

- Christa