Storage units are an avoidable expense.

More importantly, there are many opportunities in your home that are less obvious:  the kitchen pantry, under the bathroom sink, the cabinets in the laundry room, and that extra corner in your basement.

These spaces can be maximized, creating more space for the things that make you happy.

Be Free Organizing can help you declutter the storage spaces in your life, clearing the way for you to focus on the important things. 

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Garages can quickly become a "catch-all"!


With outdoor gear, long-term storage, and items coming to and from vehicles, it's not long before your garage is so cluttered that you can no longer park your car. 


A well-organized garage can function as the perfect outdoor sports room! We can make bikes, climbing, camping, and fishing gear accessible in the spring and summer, then switch to skiing, snowboarding, backcountry, and snowshoeing gear in the fall and winter.

Whether your goal is to park your car or to have a craft room, a gym, storage, or a combination, Be Free is here to help.