The benefit of partnering with Be Free Organizing is that we handle the day to day progress with your current clients, giving you the time to focus on building your business and signing new clients.

In today's market, you need to be a step above the competition. You need to offer your Real Estate expertise, as well as have partnerships with companies that will help your clients sell their property. This is where Be Free soars above the competition. We have created a company that offers everything a Realtor needs to sell their client's listing for top dollar.


We can show up during the initial consultation with you and your client. Together we can all collaborate on a plan of action to get the house ready for the market. At that point, Be Free is prepared to jump right in and get the project started, seeing it through to the day it is listed.

Another way to utilize Be Free is to call us when you need someone as soon as possible. We are always available to come in for a day or two and give a hand to help with a current client or property.

As we work with you and your team over time, you will begin to realize all the ways you can utilize Be Free Organizing. We pride ourselves on being helpers. Any way that we can help you succeed, we will gladly make it happen. Your success is our success.

  • Preparing the home to go on the market

  • Clear & Declutter

  • Prepare your client for moving

  • Light Staging or Full Staging Partnership

  • One Time Deep Cleaning

  • Create Curb Appeal 

  • Clear Communication 

  • We will meet given deadlines

  • Potentially sell for more money

  • Sell your listing quicker


“I have had the pleasure to work with Be Free on a few different projects. The Be Free team is one of the most efficient, understanding and compassionate Organization companies around. Every Agent should be using them” 

—  James, Realtor