Vertical Storage Tips from a Professional Denver Organizer

Organizing vertical space throughout a home or office is certainly a challenge, but by doing it correctly, we can take better advantage of completely underutilized spaces. Simply having a clutter-free space increases creativity and decreases stress. Here are the best organizing tips to optimize vertical space in your home or office to keep all items neatly arranged.

Maximize Vertical Space in the Closet

We often think of closets as the best places to put clothes, shoes, cleaning tools, holiday decorations, and more. In fact, our homes’ closets are some of the most underused storage spaces and remain in a state of constant disarray.

Install hanging hardware like utility hooks, towel rods, and plastic bag savers along the back of the closet door and its walls. Organize purses, reusable bags, and backpacks along the utility hooks. Miscellaneous, oddly shaped Items like wrapping paper or lightweight workout equipment like resistance bands, yoga mats, jump ropes, etc. will fit nicely in the plastic bag savers and will still be easily accessible. Inexpensive towel racks can store a wide variety of items — high heels, hanging clothes, spray bottles of cleaning product, and more.

Utilize Cabinet Doors

The backs of our vertical kitchen cabinets are usually unseen and totally underutilized. Install mesh containers like magazine racks and file holders to the inside door of kitchen cabinets and use these to store plastic bags, saran wrap, or even produce that needs a cool dark place, like potatoes, shallots, and garlic. You can also organize long-handled kitchen utensils like spatulas, whisks, and ladles in here to keep drawers clutter free.

Turn a file organizer on its side and fix it to the side of large kitchen cabinets to keep sauté pans and baking tins visible and organized. Now, you won’t have to rummage through large stacks of haphazardly stacked items just to find the 8” cake pan.

Install large, short PVC piping to the back of your bathroom cabinet doors to hold hair tools in place and keep their cords untangled, freeing up plenty of much needed shelf space. Drawer organizers work wonders in small bathrooms that lack storage space. Use them to keep small cosmetic items from getting lost in a cluttered bathroom drawer.

Rethink Garage Storage with Clever Organization Tools

We tend to use the garage as a catch all place for skis, yard supplies, tools, pool toys, bikes, and more. Taking on cleaning and re-arranging of the garage is a big task, but using a few select organizational tools can make all the difference.

Install magnetic strips over the tool bench to display each and every wrench, screw driver, plier, and hammer that normally take up space and get lost in the bottom of a tool box. Use a peg-board to hang cords, tape, wrench sets, and lightweight power tools. Consider fishing rod storage hardware to store long-handled maintenance tools like rakes, shovels, and brooms horizontally on the wall or inside of the garage door.

These inexpensive, quick hacks will change your home or office interiors for the better. Free up closet space and maximize cabinet storage by adding a few pieces of necessary hardware to keep items off the ground and easily accessible. At Be Free Organizing, we appreciate and value a clutter-free, tidy home and office. We strive to help people relieve stress and anxiety by offering superb organizational tips and services. Give us a call today!

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