Colorado is a fantastic place to live, work, and play. BE FREE ORGANIZING is here to help you prepare for the four seasons that Colorado has to offer.  Be Free specializes in creating systems for storing and swapping seasonal items. For example sports equipment, seasonal clothing, holiday decoration, and any other

seasonal items.


Fall marks a period that is full of transitions. The fall season is the time to downsize and organize your summer clothes. It's a time to make sure you have a place to store and organize school supplies. It's a time to get your bike put away and have the skis easily accessible. It's a time to ensure the garage is cleared out before winter arrives, so you can park your car in it.


When winter arrives, ensure you have a place to store your winter toys and a grab-and-go space for your ski bags and clothes. Downsize your holiday décor so that next year it is easy to access.


Spring arrives before we even know winter has wrapped up.  Set up a place for your bikes and a grab-and-go space for warm-weather gear. Ensure you have an established system for swapping summer clothes with winter clothes. Purge and efficiently store holiday décor until next season. Clear out a gardening space for tools and planting supplies.


Summer is more than a time for relaxation and vacation; it's a time for big home projects. Be Free is ready to help you with renovations, moving preparations, and emptying storage units to save money.