At Be Free we value connections with clients; it is of utmost importance that our customers feel like they can trust us and our process. We value putting people first and having the highest level of integrity in our business structure with customer communication and satisfaction.


We go above and beyond because it’s the right thing to do and that's who we are as a company. It’s all the little things done right that make for an exceptional end product. We know that there is hard work involved in clearing out a house and helping people through transitions and we don’t shy away in the slightest. At Be Free, we value work done at its highest level, work done with integrity, mindfulness, and compassion. It's important that our clients know we are available any time of day to answer questions. 


We always put the client’s needs first, even above any timelines that may be involved. From the first phone call Be Free staff shows up with compassion and non-judgment. We are especially mindful of our client's emotional states and take extra care to make sure you feel supported and understood. We listen with the intent to truly understand your needs and expectations.


We understand that there is oftentimes shame and embarrassment around clutter, or grief around a divorce or loss in the family. No matter your circumstance we hold confidentiality as a high value. At the same time being transparent about goals, timelines, expectations, and any financial matters are important for both clients and Be Free staff. If there is ever anything that comes up for our clients we prefer open dialog so we can be clear of our expectations moving forward 


We’ve got your back from start to finish. We go above and beyond. You can lean on us. You will be taken care of and supported throughout the whole process. We are with you every step of the way. We do the work with you and you're never left hanging. We coach you so you can coach us. We ask you what you are looking for so we can create it with you and live your best life. We co-create in a way that fits your lifestyle and your day-to-day needs. The staff of Be  Free has one another’s backs as well as the clients back. We lean on one another to make sure the highest quality is being done. We have built into the culture that we double-check one another’s work.

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