Our Values

At Be Free Organizing, we value putting people first by having a heart-to-heart conversation with every client beforehand about what gives them the most stress or anxiety, talking them through the process, and reassuring them that we are there to help. 


We know what an honor it is to be invited into people’s homes and often times, we assume the responsibility of sorting through a lifetime of memories, unsupervised.  Rest assured the Be Free team has the highest level of integrity and has earned lifelong clients due to our attention to detail in finding and returning valuable items to the families.  No matter the circumstances, each home is handled as private and confidential.


We understand that there is oftentimes shame and embarrassment around clutter or grief around a divorce or loss in the family. No matter your circumstance, we hold confidentiality as a high value. Simultaneously, being transparent about goals, timelines, expectations, and any financial matters is important for both clients and Be Free staff. If there is ever anything that comes up for our customers, we prefer open dialog, so we can be clear of our expectations moving forward 


We are a Team of hard workers who take pride in their work, genuinely enjoy helping others, and are people who naturally go above and beyond. This sense of teamwork is extended to our clients who have often said that our fun & positive energy is refreshing & empowering to work with.  If you know of exceptional people looking for a fulfilling career in organizing, please have them connect with us.

Amy M., Boulder Colorado

August 2019

"Brian, Jason, and Taylor of Be Free are awesome and have helped us so much. It’s amazing how much easier and happier our lives are now after these three helped us clear clutter and organize inside our home and create a peaceful, beautiful space outside.

They get things done 10x faster than we could have done! They have great ideas and experience organizing and creating flow and have wisdom what’s really important in life.

Most of all, they are great human beings and really changed

our lives for the better!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!"