Meet The Team


Brian Saeger


My whole life I have had a deep passion for taking neglected spaces and things and bringing them back to life. My father’s garage is where my passion for organizing began. He had a garage with about 5 to 10 of every tool imaginable, and no true designated place for any of them. I remember the smells of oil, cars, tools, wood chips… and clutter. I would go in and spend hours just putting all the screwdrivers in one place and the wrenches in another. I would get lost in that experience for hours. I’ve had a passion for helping and coaching people since I was young as well, for over 20
years I taught yoga and had a massage therapy practice where I got to sharpen my skills as I guided people through their yoga practices and relaxation. These skills combined with patience, acceptance, and non-judgment come in very handy.  

I have always been a hard worker and would look for others to provide me a place to put my passion and energy. Often times asking friends or people I hardly knew, who were doing things I found interesting, if they were hiring or if I could help out in any way. In 2008, while on a job site building custom homes, I realized my favorite part of the build was keeping the job site organized so I checked that night to see if people actually organized for a living and that was the beginning of me creating my dream job (BE FREE ORGANIZING). I decided I would no longer look to others to provide a place for me to bring my passion and hard work. 


Jason Hamilton-Chronis


As a young rascal, my parents often found me digging through unpacked boxes in the basement from previous moves. By the age of 13, I was riding my bike 5 miles to make $3.75 an hour assisting and working with Mr. Fuller and Mr. Jacobson caring for their estates, located along the Minnesota River Valley.  This provided many learning opportunities: from tending prized rose bushes to tackling odd jobs and basic maintenance of a home.


By my late teens, when it came time for both households to move, I was right back where my parents found me: this time packing boxes, deep cleaning, and assisting preparations of selling a home.

About a decade ago, I resigned from managing a Media Arts and Communications team. My partner and I  discovered Boulder, CO and I met Brian Saeger. After years of assisting Brian with larger BE FREE ORGANIZING projects, I knew this was the right fit.  As a live-in personal assistant for a woman with M.S. and working for BE FREE, I continue to use the knowledge, skills, and care I learned from my early teen years.


Cali Bonham


Cali has worked in Sales, Marketing and Business Development for the past 20 years and comes from a long line of entrepreneurs. She has represented gourmet foods, and B2B/B2C services, as well as owned an organizing & concierge company in New Mexico.  Cali understands the benefits of living in an organized space, and realizes that many people just need a little help to get there.  When she’s not at work, Cali spends her free time hiking Colorado 14ers.