Garages can quickly become a "catch-all", from outdoor gear, long term storage, and items coming and going from your cars. It's not long before your garage is so cluttered that you can no longer walk freely let alone park your car.

In Colorado, we see that a well-organized garage can function as the perfect outdoor sports room, making bikes, climbing, camping, and fishing gear accessible in the spring, then swapping out for skiing, snowboarding, backcountry, and snowshoeing gear in the late fall/winter.

Whether your goal is to park your car, have an art and craft room, a gym, longterm storage or a combination of all of the above, Be Free is here to help.


Storage areas can be tricky - from storage units off-site to extra rooms in the basement, to hard to access attics.  There are many storage areas in your home that are less obvious, such as kitchen pantry, under the bathroom sink, cabinets in the laundry room, and shelving in the garage. All of these spaces can be maximized for efficiency leaving less clutter in your living spaces.

Off-site storage units can be an avoidable expense. 

Be Free can help you prepare the storage spaces in your house, so that the items you choose to keep in your storage unit, can now be brought home and have a place to land. 


Moving can be incredibly exciting, though stressful time. Knowing what to do with you all your items for the move isn't always intuitive. As professional organizers, our specialty is to help you make decisions on every item, deciding what to keep, sell or donate. During this process, we will be packing up all the things for your next home that you don't need in your current house. Having these items offsite and using your current furniture to lightly stage will help the home show better.

If you are moving locally, we can unpack and organize your new home to fit your lifestyle and needs.

Services include:

·       Supplying packing materials

·       Packing

·       Labeling each box

·       Arranging and scheduling the move

·       Overseeing the move

·       Unpacking


We will be there through every step of the process to make your transition the best experience possible.