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  • How do we charge? Starting at $75 per hour for one person and $55 for each additional specialist

  • What are our hours? As a basic starting point 10am-2pm and 330pm-730pm, 7 days a week. This can be adjusted

  • Do you help sell items that I know longer want? Yes, we have serval methods that can be discussed per client

  • How far will we drive? Anywhere we need to. If we are driving over 45 minutes from Louisville we add an extra hour to the bill

  • Do we take things off-site? Yes, we take things off site for $40 if there is a dump run it is $125, dump fee $85 plus $40 for haul time

  • How long will it take? This totally depends on the size of the job and how involved you as the client will be.

  • How many specialists will be there? Most jobs will have 2 specialists onsite. One to coach you through the process and the secondary to do the lifting and moving of items

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