Memories & Belongings 

We assist families with the overwhelming task of sorting through a home and saving the memories. 

  • Coordination of  household hazardous waste recycling

  • Assessing the value of possessions for resale

  • Locating important estate documents

(birth certificates, insurance, etc.) 

Estate Inventory Services

  • Logging and detailing items

  • Hauling away donation items & trash

  • Classifying and setting aside

  keepsakes and items for the family

  • Preparing the home for the market if needed

Death is always hardest on the living. 


Dealing with the loss of a loved one, and planning a funeral is both physically and emotionally draining.  But even after the service is held, families are left with the daunting task of sorting through their loved one's belongings.  Many times, family members live out-of-town, aren’t physically able to help, or just can’t take care of everything themselves.  We have dealt with these situations many times and want to offer our expertise to help ease this burden.  No one should have to do it alone.

Our professional and caring team has worked with families in-person and out-of-state, to make a monumental task easier.  With 13 years’ experience, Our Estate Inventory service has a detailed process for sorting through a household:

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