Memories & Belongings 

Helping Families in their time of need goes beyond coordinating the Celebration of Life. 

  • Coordination of  household hazardous waste recycling

  • Assessing the value of possessions for resale

  • Locating important estate documents

(birth certificates, insurance, etc.) 

Estate Inventory Services

  • Logging and detailing items

  • Hauling away donation items & trash

  • Classifying and setting aside

  keepsakes and items for the family

  • Preparing the home for the market if needed

Be Free Organizing  has helped many leading Boulder County 

Funeral Homes with After Care Home and Inventory Services

When someone passes away, the Funeral Home is often the first place a family turns to for assistance.  But, even after the paperwork has been filed and the service held, families can be left with the daunting task of sorting through their loved one’s estate.  Many times, the next of kin lives out-of-town, isn’t physically able to, or just can’t travel to take care of everything themselves.   


This is where BFO steps in and helps guide them through the process.  We have 13 years’ experience helping clients in these overwhelming situations. Our Estate Inventory service is desperately needed but most people just don’t know how to find us.  We would love to help you build deeper relationships in the community by offering our services to your At-Need families, and we would be a great reason to follow-up as part of your Aftercare program. 

Our professional and caring Estate Inventory team has a detailed process for sorting through a household and has worked with families, as well as estate attorneys, to respectfully handle all the details.   We are an extra set of hands, feet, and energy when people need it most.  Please feel free to copy & email this link to the next of kin, or contact us to create a link on your website.

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