Move Management, Estate Inventory and Liquidation Services


Top 5 Reasons To Hire

A Move Manager

  1. Save Time & Money

  2. Conflict Avoidance

  3. Alleviate Stress

  4. Sorting Experts

  5. Empower Positive Change

Need Help Managing A Move,

Downsizing and

Liquidating A Home?


Downsizing or liquidating a home can be a tremendously stressful situation, whether parents are moving after many years, or adult children clearing out the family home after their parents’ deaths.  Be Free Organizing experienced Move Managers can coordinate every aspect from prep for selling to settling in.  


Emotionally and physically, the task can be draining.  It is hard making snap decisions about what to keep, toss, sell, give to family members or donate to charity. Snap decisions can lead to regrets and often missed opportunities to sell your goods easily and profitability through physical and/or online estate sales. In many cases, it can offset the unforeseen or unplanned costs when life transitions occur.   


That’s why Be Free Organizing understands what a difficult experience this can be and we’ve helped many people make the transition as painless and easy as possible.   Let’s customize a plan that works for you, just email or call for a free consult, as we can do part or all of this process for you as each circumstance is unique. 

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