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For over a decade, we’ve helped homeowners just like you manage and prepare for a successful home transition. In fact, we’ve developed a proven, fine-tuned process that allows YOU to be in control while our team does all of the hard work. In just a short time, you’ll have all of your things intentionally organized so you can launch into your move with total confidence!

Meet the Team



My whole life I've had a deep passion for taking neglected spaces and things and bringing them back to life. 

My father’s garage is where my passion for organizing began. He had about 5 to 10 of every tool imaginable, and no true designated place for any of them. I remember the smells of oil, cars, tools, wood chips… and clutter. I would go in and spend hours putting all the screwdrivers in one place and the wrenches in another. I would get lost in that experience for hours.

I’ve had a passion for helping and coaching people since I was young, as well. For over 20 years I taught yoga and had a massage therapy practice where I got to sharpen my skills while guiding people through yoga practices and relaxation. These skills (combined with patience, acceptance, and non-judgment) come in very handy at Be Free Organizing.

I've always been a hard worker, and would look for others to provide me a place to use my passion and energy. Often, I'd ask friends or people I hardly knew who were doing things I found interesting if they were hiring! In 2008, while on a job site building custom homes, I realized my favorite part of the build was keeping the job site organized...​

I checked that night to see if people actually organized for a living, and that was the beginning of me creating my dream job. 13 years later, I'm excited to have a place for me to bring my passion and hard work, and to provide this for others.



As a young rascal, my parents often found me digging through unpacked boxes in the basement from previous moves. By the age of 13, I was riding my bike 5 miles to make $3.75 an hour assisting and working with Mr. Fuller and Mr. Jacobson caring for their estates, located along the Minnesota River Valley.  This provided many learning opportunities: from tending prized rose bushes and tackling odd jobs to basic maintenance of a home.

By my late teens, when it came time for both households to move, I was right back where my parents usually found me: this time packing boxes, deep cleaning, and assisting with the preparations of selling a home.

About a decade ago, I resigned from managing a Media Arts and Communications team. My partner and I  discovered Boulder, CO and I met Brian Saeger. The rest is history...

As a live-in personal assistant for a woman with M.S. and working for BE FREE ORGANIZING, I continue to use the knowledge, skills, and care I learned from my early teen years to support the community.



My passion for organization and space clarity started when I moved from a four-bedroom house, into a 550 square foot cabin in the mountains with my husband and 120lb dog. There was barely enough room for ourselves, let alone the “I’ll fix it someday!” items that we all hold onto regardless of the fact that more often than not, they’re glorified dust collectors.

Through this newly found passion and realization for what organizing and downsizing can do for the soul, I was lucky enough to find Be Free and Brian and turn it into a rewarding and fulfilling career.

After completing a project with a client, I truly enjoy seeing them relax as they unload some of the stress in their lives. I can’t wait to help you restructure your living space and help you find your own personal sanctuary.



As a child, I remember it was essential to have a clean, organized space. When it came to playing with Barbies and color coding all of their clothes before playing, to taping little paper labels on my garment drawers, organizing has not only been a passion of mine, but a lifestyle.

Fast forward to my adulthood, I came from a law enforcement background before I met the BFO team in 2021. With my previous work, I learned how to communicate with and hear people from different demographics and places in their lives. I was able to bring this into my new line of work. I love meeting our clients and hearing their stories, expectations, and building a relationship either through difficult transitions or just the need to get their life back on track.

With Be Free Organizing I can show up to ‘work’ where it feels like I’m walking into a space that can benefit from habits I have built over my lifetime. I’m here to help you make your space a positive, functional area in your home.



From a young age, Kelsey would alphabetize her family's VHS tapes and reorganize her brother’s Pokémon card collection for fun. Kelsey also works as a theatre teacher and knows the importance of “I can’t throw that away, what if I need it?!” Organized chaos and organizing chaos is where Kelsey thrives. She's looking forward to helping you be successful in your goals!




Jordan came to us from one of our referral companies specializing in biohazard remediation and extreme cleaning services. She has a passion for helping people sort through their possessions in order to create systems that will benefit their health and well being. When she's not bringing organization to our clients, she enjoys spending time with her many animals and searching for crystals in our beautiful state!


Making homeowner’s lives easier and happier

It’s amazing how much easier and happier our lives are now, after the BE FREE team helped us clear clutter and organize inside our home and create a peaceful, beautiful space outside.

They got things done 10x faster than we could have done! Most of all, they are great human beings and really changed our lives for the better!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!"

- Amy M.

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